Alabama FC Players Announced to the All-Metro Team

Thirteen Alabama FC South and AFC ECNL Girls and nine Boys Players Announced to the Montgomery Advertiser All-Metro Soccer Teams, including Girls Player of the year Katie Brightwell and Boys Player of the Year Alex Kohn. Alabama FC Continues to be the Proven Path way to development and the next level! Congratulations to all our AFC Players!

All Metro Girls First Team Alabama FC South/AFC ECNL Players:

*Katie Brightwell-AFC Girls ECNL-Girls Player of the Year

*Mackenzie Smith-AFC South 2003 Girls Elite

*McKenzie Turner-AFC South 2003 Girls Elite

*Katherine Warren-AFC South 2003 Girls Elite

*Hailey D’Andrea-AFC South 2007 SCCL Girls

*Sophia Cho-AFC 2006 Girls ECNL

*Hannah McCain-AFC South 2006 Girls Elite

All Metro Girls Second Team Alabama FC South/AFC ECNL Players:

*Hope McCain-AFC South 2006 Girls Elite

*Halle “Belle” Sheppard-AFC South 2003 Girls Elite

*Ellis O’Connor-AFC South 2007 Girls SCCL

*Ella Wiswall-AFC South 2006 Girls Elite

*Hayes Jenkins-AFC South 2004 Girls Elite

*Delaney Hawthorne-AFC 2005 Girls ECNL

All Metro Boys First Team Alabama FC South Players:

*Alex Kohn-AFC South 2003 Boys Elite

*Jackson Champion-AFC South 2003 Boys Elite

*Zeph Key-AFC South 2004 Boys Premier

*Clisby Berry-AFC South 2003 Boys Elite

All Metro Boys Second Team Alabama FC South Players:

* Will Berringer-AFC South 2003 Boys Elite

*Cade Segars-AFC South 2005 Boys

*Brewer Welch-AFC South 2004 Boys Elite

*Tony Lee-AFC South 2003 Boys Elite

*Thomas Sutterfield-AFC South 2004 Boys Elite

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